Poiesis – Copperfly/Subcontinental Records

… ethereal, expansive and thoughtful … this is improvisation at its finest.

Fiona Mactaggart – London Jazz News

Tout simplement Magnifique.

Roland Torres – Silence and Sound 

… a singular and enthralling experience.

Stefan Bocioaca – JazzWorldQuest

Will of the People – CopperlyCAT003

The trio demonstrate deep understanding of each other’s sound, and an ability to merge the textural and noise of certain schools of improvisation with more harmonic passages, full of feeling and depth.

The anxious and frustrated expectancy of the unknown.

Hervé Perez – Jazz Views

Medbøe | Halle | Malling – Hvor En Var Baen – CopperlyCAT002

Det er meditativ og sanselig jazz. Det bølger frem i mødet mellem den alsiske nationaldigter og en kompromisløs jazztrio. De har lavet en stærkt anbefalelsesværdig plade. [It’s meditative and sensuous jazz. It meets in the swell of the meeting of the Alsisk national poet and a compromise-free jazz trio. They have made a highly recommended album] – Niels Overgaard, Jazz og Vinyl

Tindrende smuk, beåndet og eftertænksom musik. [Utterly beautiful, soulful and thought provoking music] – Martin Loft, LoftsKammer

Like sketches or movements from a classical suite, the tunes are brief while encapsulating some spirited melodies which are played with sensitivity and restraint.Fred Neighbour, UK Vibe

Haftor Medbøe | Jacob Karlzon – CopperlyCAT001

“Medboe and Karlzon have established an intimate, ego-less rapport.” Ian Mann, Jazz Mann

“If there is only space in your collection for one more then it really should be this one.”Nick Lea, Jazz Views

“[A] rich musical landscape, where tradition and modernity, national and foreign blend together in original masterpieces.”Stefan Bocioaca, Jazz World Quest

Det er beroligende jazz af den smukkeste slags. Der hvor tiden står stille. Der hvor nat og dag smelter sammen. [Soothing jazz of the most beautiful kind. Where time stands still. Where night and day melt together.]Niels Overgård, Jazznyt

“Elegantly spare to the point of delicious evaporation.“Graham Reid, Elsewhere